Maintenance of wooden houses

The Arestalrusticos performs periodic maintenance of your wooden house, using background and impregnating decorative water based.

The BACKGROUND used by Arestalrusticos is:

  PESTICIDE - preventive against insects, wood decay, rot and moth;
  FUNGICIDE - preventative against rot and blue stain fungi;
  Repels water and PREVENTS the natural movement of the wood.

In situations where the timber is too far affected, it is possible to apply a dressing background.

The impregnating decorative used is gifted by nano technology and:

  is LONG;
  has ACTIVE - provides a protective barrier against fungi and molds;
  is waterproof - protects against moisture, rain and waterproofs;
  is OPEN PORE - prevents the wood to swell or wane:
  is resin based micronized which give a great penetration ability and strong resistance to external.